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Insta… what?

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As many of you might have noticed, I have not been writing or blogging here as much as I thought I would be since moving away from my full retail gallery in December 2012. The fact is, that I have been really busy with commissioned paintings, product development and special projects. The truth of the […]

Red leaf lettuce - great with raspberry basamic vinegar!

InspiRED Shades of Color

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Nothing gets my blood pumping more than stumbling on inspiration, especially when I get inspired by something simple like the color red!  A walk down the farmers market today brought something to my attention more so than other days. The color red. Plum Tomatoes So with camera in hand and inspiration and appetite in tow, […]

Bear Crossing!

Riding High

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Blogging is something that I would have thought was pretty simple, especially since my mind is an ever circulating vortex of ideas and inspirations. Needless to say with all of my ideas and such I get stifled on what to write about and share. I have realized that blogging doesn’t necessarily have to be something […]

Flavors of glass!

Torch Stories Part II

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When I started painting  professionally, the internet was in its infancy. No real blogs, no Facebook, no My Space, people just messing around with HTML code hoping for a little corner of the Internet highway. If I been given the opportunity to document my painting stories at that time it would have been quite an […]

New tile workspace - All finished!

Torch Stories – Part I

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I am the type of person that learns pretty quickly if I watch a demonstration or see something visually. If you want me to do something, show me once and I pretty much get it. Lectures and a bunch of talking doesn’t quite do it for me.  Show me something and I will remember it! […]

Sunny pencil cannister

Shades of February

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A little color goes a long way. In the past few days in my travels I have encountered a pattern of early springtime.  Yellow.  It’s everywhere and the funky moods that parallel it are pretty significant. So I thought to capture it in this blog… so relax, put your feet up and enjoy! Sunny pencil cannister […]