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Seriously fun art with a sassy twist of attitude!

Artist Sonya Paz is creating a new direction in the pop art movement through her exuberant use of color and playful forms. Bold shapes and vibrant colors leap off her canvases, while her images explode in an energetic and wildly whimsical style. Learn more about Sonya’s artwork.

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  • Fun Accessories

    Acquiring art doesn’t need to be difficult… in fact we make it quite easy for you to obtain a fun artful gift or collectable.             The imagery of Sonya’s paintings lend themselves well for accessories and wearable art. It may be a fun tote bag or a metal wallet to […]

  • Unique Commissions

    Do you have a pet you would like to see immortalized into a memorable painting?  Perhaps a custom artwork that represents your life or family?  A favorite car or music instrument? No worries, Sonya can work with you on a special commissioned artwork to outfit your desired space.  Anywhere in the world and no additional […]

  • The Studio

    Sonya’s gallery in San Jose is what we call a “Working Gallery and Studio”, meaning we designed the space to not only showcase Sonya’s artwork and retail items, but is essential for the creation of new art and the creation of products.  Sonya and her team creates and designs  and manufactures many of the retail […]

Sonya's Art

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From The Mind of Sonya Paz...

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Are you a topiary?

Have we become modern day topiaries?


Much like the structure of life, there are things in the world that shape us and make is who we are. A topiary, for instance, a cultivated trimmed and primed manicured element of nature that from it’s botanical beginnings is intended to be a finely shaped piece of living visual artwork. The expectation of perfectness […]

Cassandra, SAMi and Sonya

My Simply Fearless Blog


Ok. so this is the perfect story on how networking really pays off! I was invited to a cool BizNik networking event in February here in downtown Campbell, it was raining and I really contemplated at the last minute, but since I do not like when people zone-out on my events there was no way […]



Welcome to my new blog! I’m so glad you are visiting because I am going to share with you what drives and inspires me and why I do what I do.  I will be documenting my adventures and experiences in life as well as sharing my thoughts, stories, dreams, and projects with other artists. I had […]

Earthquake City #9

Shakin’, Shakin’ 5.6 Earthquake


Originally Posted on: October 30, 2007 You know your blood is pumpin’ when you experience a nice rockin’ 5.6 earthquake, not a huge quake, but a sudden slammer for sure. This happened tonight at 8:04pm and centered in our area here in the Santa Clara Valley. Earthquake City #9 Here at the studio, setting up […]