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Original art, limited editions and custom one of a kind jewelry.  On sale for a limited time!



About Sonya

Sonya’s paintings and vivid images are a reflection of her California roots. Colors that explode off her canvas’ and you will find yourself reaching for more. Engaging yet simple, motivating and energized, colors that pull you in like a vortex… all through her wild creative attitude!

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“As an artist, I paint and create from life experiences and use colors to evoke emotion on whatever I am creating” ~ Sonya Paz

What Our Customers are Saying…

“Hearts, shoes & wine, I love it all! Sonya’s art is sassy & fun!

- Chrystal Bougon

“Sonya’s high-energy tumblers inspire me to be more creative!”

- Peter La Fond

“My go-to place for artful gifts… filled with vibrant colors!”

- Kim Lary

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