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Hey everyone! Happy new year and welcome to my new updated web based mentoring and small business workshops hang out. Do you want to be at the top of your game selling your art or product directly to your customers?
I am a full time artist with a tenacious attitude to get my art out there best best way I now how – through my own voice. I am a personal and business branding specialist, I have done it all… I have sold my art at small venues like Art & Wine Festivals all the way up to the big rabks like kicking it with the big boys at Art Expo International New York. I owned an operated a few of my own galleries and I have created a strong brand for myself and built a retail pop art product line.  I am an artist with a tenacious attitude to get my art out there best best way I now how – through my own voice.

I can help you achieve success too!

I have been mentoring and consulting others for years on the most efficient way to run their art business and helping creative folks with their marketing and branding for both brick and mortar to online sales. I have hosted effective marketing workshops “Get in the G.A.M.E. Workshop (Go for it Art Marketing Experience) a few times each year. I believe that every artist should have the knowledge to be able to effectively communicate with galleries, get established with social media, learn what works and doesn’t …and why!

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Your Art Marketing Experience”
So why aren’t you selling your art or product to your customers? Don’t rely on others to do what you have the potential to do yourself! Galleries are a nice place to start, but you do not get the experience in selling direct to customers. They want to meet and know the artist, this is YOU!
A great place to learn this is in the Sonya Paz Rockstar Mentor development courses and workshops and unleash your inner marketing talents. You can also hep support the page as little as $5 per month, sign up now!

My mini courses are free and it can get you started to gaining the confidence and inspiration you need. From there we will have live feed sessions and question of the week, monthly subscriptions and one on one connections that you can sign up for!

If you want to get started and learn how to better market yourself and embrace your success, sign up here to be on our list. Courses are in the works!  Hope to connect with you soon!

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What others have to say:

Being an artist for many years, I felt daunted with talking to customers about my watercolor paintings. After attending Sonya’s Art Marketing Workshops I felt more at ease and confident to discuss my works with potential clients and this showed through my positive attitude. Sonya really helped me to achieve success in selling and promoting myself! I actually really love taking to customers now. I will return for more sessions with Sonya, I can’t wait!

~ Edward R. Palo Alto, CA


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