Gifts are a wonderful thing.  We all love to give gifts and we all love to receive them.

As as artist I get the cool opportunity to be on the inside scoop of secret gift giving.  Meeting with clients to collaborate surprise painting for their spouse, best friend, family member or colleague.

In these times that we live in, those traditional gifts of the china or fine silver flatware registry of 10, 20 and 30+ years ago was such a formal item to register at your local department store and sometime we ponder on what would be the ideal gift to give. A gift that will not only tell a story, but will also last a lifetime.

Over the last five years, I have worked on paintings that are customized to reflect the newlywed couple or the couple that is celebrating their anniversary. The birth of a child is a celebratory event and something to add color and brighten to the nursery had become a main staple in decorating and starting that newborns art collection.

Bright Futures on the Horizon

Bright Futures on the Horizon


Gifting artwork is unique and personal. The registry concept is very similar to as if you were purchasing a crystal glass set or China place setting for the newlyweds. The group of people ordering the artwork has a budget that they are equally comfortable with and they contribute to cost of the painting.

Eclectic Soul

One of the questions you might be asking yourself is “what if the couple does not like the style of art?’  Well, that is the part that makes this really easy, if you know your friends well enough, then you know the style of artwork that they collect currently. These are clients that approach me about my artwork and know that I create customized paintings.

Often times, the wedding party and friends of the couple are aware that they like my artwork because I had designed the wedding invitation artwork for the bride and groom to be. They might take the theme of the invitation to work with me on a painting that will compliment the invite to get the registry process started.

Pop Celebration

This idea and concept is especially popular with folks who are on their second or third marriage. Because they already have the blenders, silver vases and small kitchen appliances, they typically don’t want any gifts.  But you know as well as I do, it’s rather awkward to show up to the reception empty handed. This helps alleviate that void and can fill it with a special gift that will personally give back for years.

First time marriages love this idea because they want to start collecting artwork, but may not be in their starting out budget but still need color on their walls.

Because I love technology, this process can be done for anyone around the world, they proceed can be discussed and facilitated by phone and email. So easy!

If you would like to learn more about starting a gift registry for someone that you know or need art for a special project, please contact me directly!

Cheers and happy Sunday!