You asked for it and I am listening!  I get a lot of people who tell me things about my blog, as much as they like the writings of my sassy adventures and witty encounters, they desire to learn more of the creation processes and the nuts and bolts of the biz.  I urge them to make comments on my blog and they say they worry about hurting my feelings, OK… really are you serious?  Bring it on – I can take it (I am tougher than you may think!).  If you don’t tell me what you would like to see, how can I improve on what you experience here. Soooo with that out of the way….

… I like to procrastinate with the best of them, you might ask “YOU procrastinate?”  The answer is simple, “yes, I do,  heck doesn’t every artist?”  I get inspired by so many things all in such a short period of time that I will pour myself into starting something, then another project comes along and, well – you can guess what happens.

I picked up this really cool table round about three years ago and I started to work on it immediately, So excited to be able to get a fun furniture project to work on, the ultimate aggravation happened- I encountered a small technical problem with one paint color I was mixing up and… Voila!  STIFLEVILLE, yup I immediately was placed in a creative void, needless to say the project went by the wayside.  This charming piece of furniture instantly became one of the many projects in the back room that was left for dead, just another table where I pile more and more on top of it.

The round painted table

Mixing up the new Color!

In part of my promise and dedication to myself this year, to finish and conquer all of my unfinished projects-  the projects that I find myself tripping over, moving from workbench to easel, from easel to the shelf unit, well you get the point. I cleaned off the little round table and gave myself a three day deadline, (pretty crazy huh?). I mixed and mixed some colors until I came up with the best one that represented my feeling, my mood and exactly what I felt this table needed.  It was enough to give me the spark to crank it out and get this completed.

Getting unfinished projects done... finally!

Getting unfinished projects done... finally!

Not only was the table a testament to get the fire lit under my butt, but I wanted to have a project fun enough to be able to fulfill the requests from collectors and admirers who wanted to see me more  “hands on” action, projects being worked on and more inspirations executed into paintings and products … what IS really going on inside that head of mine!!

Accents to the table legs

Accents to the table legs

Tomorrow the table takes an adventure to get varnished professionally, a heavy duty even coating that I am not confident enough to do myself. I want this table to withstand many years of use and the finish will be stunning. Varnishing furniture is completely different from varnishing a painting on canvas. Once the table is completed, I will blog another posting to show you the final version.

 As for the blogging and documenting of projects and artwork, I love doing this and want to be able to include you into the meld of creativity, I need to get feedback from you – what do you want to see, what style of projects do you want to know more about, what matters to you?  I know this will be fun and an adventure that we can take together, please comment and tell me your thoughts  – Let’s do it!