I am a geek.  I am.  There you have it, the truth is out.

In my former life, I was a Web Technologist for Adobe Systems and and loved being in the fast paced, arty, yet technical environment of software and hardware.

That environment was great for a techno geek and I love technology. So when it came time to search for a web developer with advice and experience on the best way to move forward on building a new website that can accommodate our heavy graphics interface as well as a stronger eCommerce solution, I contacted my pal, Jerry Bates of Fitting Sites.



Often times, I am explaining the story behind an artistic creation, or the inspiration based on a piece of artwork, therefore I feel the need to explain my thought process of what went into the development of our new website.

I wanted help determining the style of site that would accommodate that person on the go, the traveler, the smartphone user, the iPad cruiser, the large screen viewer. We live in interesting times that requires more forward thinking and the new website needed to adapt to that mode.

We selected a technology refereed to as “responsive design”, which means that the site will adapt itself to your viewing platform and allow the users to see all of the images and pages that are much easier to view.

Another big component of the site that was that your shopping experience on our site be enjoyable, easy to navigate and fast and easy to order items as well as to see more of the products that we offer. We now have inventory control and quick “on the fly” editing capability. We also host many types of promotions and wanted the promotion codes that we announce to accommodate your shopping experience!

Most importantly the artwork .  The site is populated with many images of colorful graphical imagery of paintings that I create and this is why we decided to make the site with the clean interface. The artwork is the primary focus for the accents and furnishings.

Please, enjoy our new site, visit the newest artwork, feel free to review products, comment on our blog or order merchandise! We have awesome customer service and want to hear from you!