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People I meet, days that I live and places I have visited. There is always a story behind every encounter…

Successful Women Jockeys

Riding High


Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a big beautiful dream, she wanted to ride like the wind and to some extent live dangerously.  She loved horses and admired their amazing strength, beautiful coat, luxurious manes and long tails.  She wanted a horse so badly it became much of who she […]

My Glamour Muse

Fog of the Blog


Yes, I know.  I am guilty.  I have not been blogging as I had hope to in the past several months.  As I sit here at my computer I ask myself, how can I spend so much time at this thing and not blog my thoughts daily… or weekly…. or bi monthly…  ((deep sigh here)).  […]

Got Manners?

Mind your own business


I hear your conversations, I know your business, I know what you drank last night (and then some), I witness your horrific one handed driving and  I have absolutely no idea who you are. This is what I believe all of us witness on a daily basis at the grocery store,  local cafe and at […]